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About us:

Since its set up in Ireland in 2010 Brandtone concentrated in providing top level CRM services for Blue Chip CPGS.


Thanks to the support and funding of Unilever Ventures, Syngenta Ventures, and Verlinvest (ABInveb), we were able to raise more than 43 MM euros in capital.  These resources allowed us to build a world class CRM platform focused in the Traditional Trade of emerging market, namely LATAM. 

Anchored on our massive mobile databases that accounts for +1MM traditional retail POS in Latin America, we are able to engage and incentivize the store owner and decision maker of each retail store before the actual visit from the sales rep occurs.

We then leverage the power of big data by applying our analytic triggers into the clients ERP and implement CRM rules into each store owner, thus generating "pull" demand to the sales rep, or towards the B2B e-commerce fully in line with the CPG client business priorities.

In Brazil, our strongest foothold, for example, we engage +250 k POS on a weekly basis.

If you want to thrive in the Traditional Trade, simply contact us. 

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